60 Second Book Breaks

If fun and accessibility has been the success of Yoof-Speak, then achieving it as a self-published author was a defining moment, which has correlated with and given heart to so many writers who have or are about to self-publish a book.

Although going through the self-publishing system seems such a daunting affair, because of what I achieved, I really wanted to put something back by helping others negotiate the system by producing a simple way for hopeful authors to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of self-publishing. I wanted to make the process easier to work with by making it simpler to understand. Above all, I wanted to stop susceptible people from being taken advantage of by - and let’s be frank here - industry predators.

Because of what happened to me, I wanted to make the writing process easier for everyone trying to negotiate it. The result was an offer from Forest FM to script and record a series called '60 Second Book Break' that offered invaluable and practical help and tips on copyright, marketing, plot, structure, research, self-publishing, editing and writers' block in just 60 seconds. I'm delighted to say that the series proved popular enough that I will be producing an online guide for self-promotion in the autumn which not only will offer step by step advice on getting work out there, but also how to self-promote for next to nothing and of course, regular updates will appear on my blog 'News and Views From the Hut'.

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