Martin Baum in the Media

From the moment To be or Not To be, Innit made national and international news in 2008, Martin has maintained a constant presence in the media giving a fresh perspective to current news, features and topical discussion. Here is a selection of some of the highlights for you to enjoy.
Broadaster Martin Baum on the Radio
"Satire" with Sir Anthony Jay on BBC Wales
Martin discusses satire with "Yes Prime Minister" co-creator Sir Anthony Jay on BBC Wales.
BBC Radio Oxford
Martin was featured in the Louisa Hannan Show on BBC Radio Oxford, on the 4th January 2010.
60 Second Book Break
Episode 1: Local Media
A simple and methodical approach is all that's needed to ensure an effective press release to make your book news worthy.
60 Second Book Break
Episode 2: Plot and Structure
Discover how to address this common problem by becoming objective about your own work.
Martin Baum in the Press
BBC News Coverage
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The Daily Mail
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The Guardian
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Evening Standard
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Bournemouth Echo
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The Daily Mail
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Martin Baum National Press Coverage