Martin Baum news feed The latest views, news and musings by Martin Baum en-gb Website Improvements Are Under Way Shakespeare wrote in a Midsummer Night's Dream, 'there's nothing in this world can make me joy' but, perhaps, my new Shakespearean-themed website, going live in time for the Bard's birthday on 23rd April, might just help spread the joy. 28/03/2015 Due to ill-health the blog won't be back until the Summer My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to email their good wishes and I very much hope to pick up on the News and Views blog again until the Summer. Best wishes Martin Baum 26/07/2013 Anti-Government Protests Are Misguidedly Being Called A Turkish Spring The idea of yet another 'Spring' being sprung in Turkey has now, by even the stretch of any cockeyed optimist, begun to sound old. Although the Arab Spring has long since evaporated into nothing more than a damp squib, still the west has been fanning the flames of democracy no matter what the cost to civilian life. 05/06/2013 Martin is a columnist for Seeker News Seeker News was launched as an independent business and lifestyle website for Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset in early 2010. In early 2012 Seeker News made the move onto the printed page and is now a fortnightly tabloid newspaper 09/05/2013 Esther Rantzen Offers Nothing New About Child Welfare But Still She Tries After Stuart Hall pleaded guilty for indecently assaulting 13 young girls, in another piece of tired journalism, Esther Rantzen writes how sick, revolted and angry she is. But after failing to speak out over Jimmy Savile, the same can be said of her. 08/05/2013 Prisoners Will No Longer Enjoy A Cushy Lifestyle Behind Bars Another day another soundbite and this time it's the turn of Justice Secretary Chris Grayling who's been on the media circuit talking about an end to a prisoner-friendly lifestyle for a return to a more disciplined and structured regime behind bars. 01/05/2013 The MMR Boycott Leaves 2 Million Children At Risk Of Measles. After his son was born in 2000, Tony Blair refused to say if he had allowed him to have the MMR jab, citing his right to family privacy. As an ordinary citizen then perhaps that would have been nobody's business but his own but, as Prime Minister, he had a duty to reveal if his son had been immunised. That refusal to do so can now be attributed as a contributory factor behind this new measles epidemic. 24/04/2013 The Legacy of Thatcherism Can Be Found In The Legacy Of Blairism Since the death of Margaret Thatcher, her political opponents and dissenters claim she was more evil than Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Chairman Mao, Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin. Yet given how Stalin was responsible for 20 million deaths, Hitler 15 million, Mao 10 million, Saddam Hussein 1 million and Amin 400,000, it's clear that stupidity knows no bounds. 17/04/2013 Margaret Thatcher Dies And Socialism Celebrates The Death Of A Woman Despite an agenda that supposedly demanded a greater respect for women in the 21st century, Labour's reaction in celebrating yesterday's death of Margaret Thatcher goes against that idyll. In fact it shows they and their supporters are nothing more than hypocritical and ignorant. 09/04/2013