How the Arab League Failed Mohammed, Islam and the Arab Spring

On December 17, 2010, street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid.  This symbolic act of martyrdom was the catalyst for the Arab Spring after the toppling of the Tunisian regime.  Yet barely 18 months on, it seems that the spring is dry.

Supported by the West, although less than enthusiastically so by the Arab League, any hope that democracy western style through the succession of civilian uprisings across the Middle East, have all but come to nothing.

Exactly a year ago, inspired by the uprising in Tunisia, President Mubarak of Egypt was brought down by the peoples’ will to progress their country from dictatorship to democracy.  Although much was hoped for the Arab Spring, sadly, if not predictably, it has proved to be anything but a movement for democratic change.

Although the Egyptian presidential figurehead has long since been removed, the hard-line Islamist-dominated parliament is proving to be no real alternative to progress the cause of democratic freedom and equality.  Recent reports reveal that it will be introducing measures to lower the minimum age of marriage to 14 and also put an end to a woman’s right to education and employment.

Perhaps even more shocking is for a ‘Farewell Intercourse’ law which will allow husbands to legally have sex with the corpses of their wives for up to six hours after death.  Is this really what the Arab Spring was meant to achieve after Sidi Bouzid martyred himself in the name of freedom?

Sadly the West deludes itself into believing Eastern culture and values will accommodate anything but their own.  It won’t.  This is why the Arab League still refuses to intervene for fear of destabilising their hard-line rule.  The cost to Muslim life by their transience has been to witness a genocide unfold, as currently being played out in Syria at the bloodied hand of President Assad.

The latest atrocity attributed to this regime - captured on video - was that of an opposition activist being buried up to his neck and being covered with dry mud and rocks until he is completely covered.  If having sex with a corpse defies any decency in a civilised world, then what hope is there for the Middle East in the face of such barbarism?

If the Arab Spring was meant to be the true legacy of Mohamed Bouazizi, then it has failed spectacularly so and Islam should bow its head in shame and brace itself for Allah’s retribution.

Published by Martin Baum on 02/05/2012