There's Always a Free Lunch For an MP Called Warsi

The Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi has claimed £160.50 a night for her own House of Lords expenses and this despite her staying in a £75 a night Premier Inn.

Despite being a professional politician without any discernible talent, Baroness Sayeeda Hussain Warsi appears to have got her elevated status for….  well, actually, it’s anybody’s guess as to why or how, other than she was meant to be the respectable face of multiculturalism in a modern Britain.

The fact that she sharply brought the focus back to political corruption means that she’s actually nothing special or different to what passes for a 21st century politician.  However, this is not acceptable especially when one considers that she hasn’t yet been sacked or even suspended from either the Conservatives or Westminster.

This means that she is still free to legitimately plunder at will because as a Muslim working in the upper chamber, she is well within her rights to screw the system for all its worth.  And she does so with all the backing of the Tory party, no matter how badly she’s damaged the system like all the others before her. 

So much hope was put upon this woman and she played her part beautifully whenever she was wheeled out onto Question Time or to deliver a worthy soundbite.  Unfortunately she went native for a few pounds because she could. 

The fact she has climbed the celebrated greasy pole of Westminster actually tells us more about the system than about the people feeding off it and perhaps now would be the time to draw a line under the whole lot of them.  Yet still they maintain they are ‘one of us’ without considering that what they do is immoral and criminal.

Despite the expenses scandal of just a few short years ago, the fact Warsi claims her expenses are in accordance with the rules, she should have been better than that.  MPs should be morally above and beyond reproach although, shamefully, nobody appears to have told this greedy little woman.

As the nationals continue to dig and find the dirt on Warsi, it might be wise to consider the implications of what’s happening with the Leveson inquiry looking into, amongst other things, freedom of the press.  If he comes down against the media, then grubby politicians like the awful Baroness Warsi will be able to get away with it.

Although the press must be held to account, so must be the same for politicians.  For every journalist sent down for their illegality, so must politicians.   It’s as simple as that.  The system must continue to be seen to be working until grubby politicians like Warsi are consigned to history. 

Published by Martin Baum on 06/06/2012