Is The Arab League Islamphobic?

As the crises in Syria deepens after United Nations monitors were shot at and prevented by the army from reaching the latest massacre, why is the collective Muslim leadership in the East permitting President Assad to inflict murder on his own people, his fellow Muslims?

Another day, another bloody headline as the world watches the impending implosion of what was once Syria.  Once again the UN is beating its chest trying to bring a resolution and failing with every step it takes.  It’s brutal and sickening but there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

The likelihood of a successful outcome is remote, given that every tyrant that has fallen since the rise of the so-called Arab Spring has met with death and imprisonment.  So given that Mubarak has lost his liberty and Gaddafi was killed by his own people, why on earth should President Assad stop his bloody reign of death?

Every day comes news of another atrocity perpetrated by the Syrian leadership against its own people, carried out by militia loyal to their President.  The Red Crescent have all but given up the ghost in helping their own and the Arab League can’t be motivated to help their fellow Muslims by making Assad accountable.

Given how the Koran is strictly adhered to by devout Muslims, it comes as a surprise that nobody is responsible no matter how reprehensible the crimes against humanity.  Yet given how UN monitors are being shot at as they try to investigate army-inflicted massacres, it beggars belief that the West is even considering troop involvement in this unfolding catastrophe that is Syria.

If the Arab Spring has taught the world anything it is that the regimes which have ruled for so long don’t particularly care for it.  They will go out on a limb to protect their fellow dictators like Idi Amin and Colonel Gaddafi at the expense of human life if they consider it a threat to their rule.  They are the biggest threat to Islam yet the only ones that don’t realise it are Muslims.

While it seems that part of their Islamic heritage is to blame the West and the Israelis for all their ills while playing the hapless victims and whipping boys, if the Arab League and leadership are content to wash its hands and ignore the bloodshed, then why on earth should the West get involved?

Published by Martin Baum on 13/06/2012