The Fall of Sarkozy, the EU and the Rise of the French National Front

With a turnout of over 80%, French Socialist Francis Hollande has gained the upper hand over Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential runoff.  However, for anyone savouring a humiliating end to the incumbent President should also be chilled by the rise of the French National Front.

The preliminary first round results for the French presidential election has told us as much about the imminent future job prospects of Nicolas Sarkozy as it has the consequences the people of Europe are going to face for the EUs dangerous manipulation of history.

The grim statistic of one in five voters backing National Front candidate Marine Le Pen draws startling parallels to the circumstances surrounding the rise of Adolf Hitler and all that came after.  Yet despite the ominous similarities, the European Union has begun its airbrushing of history by describing World War ll as a ‘European Civil War’.

Yet no manipulation of the facts that saw millions lose their lives fighting the threat from Nazi Germany can ignore the rumblings currently emanating from France.  Yet given the hard-line behaviour from the current Merkel/Sarkozy alliance which oversaw regime change in first Greece and then Italy, is it any wonder the French are embracing Marine Le Pen’s fluent anti-immigration and anti-Europe manifesto?

However, any idea that what goes on in France stays in France would be something only an EU politician could convince himself of.  The harsh reality of a failed single currency and jackboot German diplomacy is that the hard right opposition of European politics is gaining momentum at an alarming rate.   

This should act as a blunt wake-up call to all pro-EU politicians on this side of the Channel.  Cameron, Clegg and Miliband take note;  The EU dream is over and with it the fiscal model is broken.  But until the mould is finally thrown away then the next European Civil War will be an inglorious legacy endowed by all ignoble Eurocrats.

Published by Martin Baum on 25/04/2012