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Here’s a collection of my latest blogs and articles about Multiple Sclerosis from across the web.

Let your MS Shine – MS Society,  15 July 2019

Radio 4 MS Research review (via Instagram) – MS Society,  9 July 2019

Radio 4 MS Research review – MS Society,  28 June 2019

My Issues with MS and Disabled Toilets – MS Society,  12 June 2019

Can’t stand up for falling down – MS UK,  30 May 2019

Invisible Symptoms and Me, Martin’s Story – MS Trust,  24 May 2019

Chasing an MS cure down under – MS Society,  23 May 2019

EastEnders review – we need respect, not pity – MS Society,  17 May 2019

Still relevant in an MS world – MS Society,  3 May 2019

Martin Baum calls for greater understanding of MS – Bournemouth Daily Echo,  21 April 2019

Collecting for the MS Society in the 80s – MS Society, 17 April 2019

The MS kids are alright – MS Trust, 21 March 2019

MS by stealth – MS Society, 6 March 2019

MS is just a sign of the times – MS UK, 25 February 2019

Meditation and medication – MS Society, 18 February 2019

MS is not a soap opera – MS Society, 5 February 2019

MS, dad and me – Al-Araji MS Clinic, 16 December 2018


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