About me

Before Multiple Sclerosis, we were all pretty, shining people (to quote George Ezra). But somewhere along the way, it felt like MS took our shine away. It made us forget that we were fun people to be with.

Guess what? We still are those wonderful humans.

MS doesn’t take away the shine. We allow it to.

What I do

My passion is to remind people with Multiple Sclerosis – the MSers around the world – of their lives before MS. Things aren’t the same, but we can shine just as brightly as we did before.

My message? It’s simple: Live life, not MS.

Who was I?

Before MS I was a satirist and a broadcaster, an author of two bestselling books: To Be Or Not To Be, Innit. A Yoof-Speak Guide To Shakespeare and the Charles Dickens companion guide, “Oi, Mate, Gimme Some More!”.

… And then, because of a serious relapse, everything stopped.

Why start writing again?

I was introduced to meditation which, in time, turned my MS around. Not so much the symptoms but more my state of mind: I was heartbroken when I lost the ability to put one word in front of the other.

These days, with a little more mindfulness in my life, I’m back doing what I do best.

Who have I helped?

My work has helped a lot of young people who have been newly diagnosed.

Even now, in an informed and understanding world – far more than when I was diagnosed back in the 80s – people are still scared for their futures.

It helps me, always, to remind old and new MSers that they still have so much to offer.

It’s better to live life, not MS.