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This is my portfolio of blogs. It’s the full collection of all my featured articles and blogs that I’ve written about Multiple Sclerosis.

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Diet, exercise, meditation

MS-UK, 20 July 2021

My Bonding Relationship With MS, 25 June 2021
MS Society

Being a father with MS

MS Society, 18 June 2021

An MS Carers Week retrospective

MS Trust, 9 June 2021

A jab well done

MS-UK, 12 March 2021

Through adversity comes strength

MS Trust, 9 March 2021
MS Society

The Hungry Catheter

MS Society, 25 January 2021
MS Society

2020 and I’m still standing (just)

MS Society, 22 December 2020
MS Society

The week that left me humbled

MS Society, 23 November 2020

MS and the NHS

MS Trust 6 November 2020
MS Society

When the MS bubble bursts

MS Society, 19 October 2020
MS Society

Hearts and MS minds

MS Society, 18 September 2020
MS Society

Sleeping with the enemy

MS Society 9 June 2020
MS Society

MS at 60

MS Society, 14 February 2020

The moving highs and the bunga-lows, 24 January 2020

Christmas presence not presents

MS Trust, 18th December 2019
MS Society

What won’t be on my Christmas list

MS Society, 17 December 2019
MS Society

Living with the hidden symptoms of MS

MS Society, 5 December 2019

The pulling power of MS

MS Trust, 2 December 2019
MS Society

Still negotiating the MS territory

MS Society, 14 November 2019

Mr Baum goes to Westminster

MS UK, 14 November 2019
MS Society

Great feets of endeavour

MS Society, 11 November 2019
MS Society

How mindfulness helps me manage my MS

MS Society, 9 October 2019

Stuck with my MS like glue

MS Trust, 17 September 2019

40 Years with Multiple Sclerosis, part 3

My MS Team, 4 September 2019
MS Society

Let your MS shine

MS Society, 15 July 2019
MS Society

Radio 4 MS Research review

MS Society, 28 June 2019
MS Society

Chasing an MS cure down under

MS Society, 23 May 2019
MS Society

Still relevant in an MS world

MS Society, 3 May 2019
Bournemouth Daily Echo

Martin Baum calls for greater understanding of MS

Bournemouth Daily Echo, 21 April 2019

The MS kids are alright

MS Trust, 21 March 2019
MS Society

MS by stealth

MS Society, 6 March 2019

MS is just a sign of the times

MS UK, 25 February 2019
MS Society

Meditation and medication

MS Society, 18 February 2019

MS is not a soap opera

MS Society, 5 February 2019
Al-Araji MS Clinic

MS, Dad and me

Al-Araji MS Clinic, 16 December 2018